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Pick-up/Drop-off at Narita Airport
Free Wifi and Navigation system
Multilingual Support
Route recommendations
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Credit card payment
No distance limit
Long term discount

Custom-built camper van rental in Japan from ¥8,400*


Our goal is to provide a functional, reliable and aesthetically beautiful experience for you to explore Japan, complete with our insider maps and recommendations.

We rent custom-built camper vans to travelers looking to explore Japan in comfort.
Our camper vans come equipped with semi double-size bed, fridge/freezer, cooking stove, water source and electrical outlets – even when the van isn’t running.

Traveling deeply around Japan with our camper vans will let you have a one-of-a-kind  Japanese cultural experience that will transcend your life.

* Including long term rental discounts      


We are licensed camper van rental company in Narita, Japan. We traveled from Alaska to Ushuaia, then from Portugal to Japan by a custom-built camper van for 2 years. Feel free to ask us any questions, regarding our camper vans, traveling in Japan, or even our experience of traveling the world.

Coco, Wasabi & Takeshi Shigeoka
Chiba prefectural public safety commission 441110001700

Our vehicles

Everything in our vans has been curated to make your travels free, fun and comfortable.

  • Free Wifi and Navigation system
  • Semi double-size bed (200cm x 120cm)
  • Fridge/freezer (15 litres)
  • Auxiliary Batteries with AC & USB Outlets
  • Electric sink and 10L water tank
  • Propane stove
  • Cutlery, cookware, utensils, plates & cups
  • Camping chairs & camping table
  • LED lighting
  • Cabinets and storage
Price Per Day



Auxiliary-battery with free Wifi

Affixed to our vehicle is 105Ah battery to ensure you have what you need to charge all your gadgets. Internet connection makes your travel fun and convenient using GPS and translator


    Furnitures with Japanese beauty

    Our van includes Semi double-size bed (200cm x 120cm) with memory foam mattress. Easily relax inside the vehicle. You can also chill outside with foldable chairs and table.


      Cook & clean on-the-go

      10L water tank and electrical sink makes cooking and cleaning a breeze. Prepare your next meal with propane portable gas stove.

        User Reviews

        Traveling around Japan by a camper van from wasabi campers is one of the best choices as it is easy and free. Not to mention, of great value!

        Dominic Simpson

        Their van is cosy and functional. We explored a lot of hot springs, then slept in the van. It was a relaxing and comfortable experience.

        David Thorton

        Their hospitality is great and we enjoyed traveling especially to country side of Japan. Their travel tips and and a van took us to a lot of hidden beautiful places.

        Brandy Zimmer

        We really liked their van as it has everything you need to enjoy Japanese culture and nature. It is a best way to experience Japan staying at random locations, enjoying the beauty of the nature and being happy.

        Steve Dawson

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