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How can I book a Camper van?

STEP 1: 
Please use our booking form (or call us directly) to book.

We will send a mail for your confirmation. After your confirmation, the booking process is done.

Where do I pick-up the camper van?

We will pick you ap at the Narita airport and take you to our office where you pick-up the camper van. So please let us know your flight schedule when you book.

What are the pick-up/return hours?

Usually during office hours: 9am-6pm.
We are opened 6 days a week and closed on each Sunday. All pickups / drop offs outside these hours require pre-arrangement and may incur extra charges.

Can I make changes to my reservation?

You can make changes to your reservations only if we can provide you a camper at your newly requested days. Please contact our office for details.

What is the minimum rental time?

There is no minimum rental period.

Where do I return my campervan?

Our office is the primary returning destination.
You can also pre-arrange the return time and place for some additional charge. The extra charge depends on a distance from our office. 

What are the cancellation charges?

・20 days before pick up date: 30% of rental fee

・10 days before pick up date: 40% of rental fee

・Within 3 days of pick up date: 100% of rental fee

I cannot arrive on time. What should I do?

If you are going to be late for whatever reason, please make sure you inform our office. If your arriving flight is delayed, we will be able to check it ourselves and adjust the pick up time accordingly. If we cannot contact you 24hrs after the pre-arranged pick-up time, your  reservation will be cancelled.


What do I need to drive a camper van in Japan?

A valid International Driving Permit (issued based on the Geneva convention 1949), original Driving Licence and a Passport are required for driving in Japan.

If you possess a driver’s license issued in Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco, Estonia and Taiwan, you will be allowed to drive in Japan with an official Japanese translation of the driving license.
For more information, please check here.

You can obtain the Japanese translation of your domestic driving license in the local embassy / consulate of Japan or the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF).
We also provide Driver’s License Translation service.

What is the maximum driver’s age?

No age restrictions are in place. Anybody with a valid driver’s license can rent a vehicle.

Can I extend the rental duration?

Extending the rental duration may be possible if the vehicle is availabe. You need to contact our office as soon as you decide to extend the rental period.

How are daily rates calculated?

Our rates are calculated on the per night basis. You can pick up the vehicle during the office hours and return it on your last day of your rental during the office hours. The pickup day is the first night of your rental and the drop off day is the check out of your rental. It is similar to hotel booking system.

What is the included insurance waiver?

Our camper vans include insurance, there is a damage waiver however which is 100,000 yen, the basic insurance covers one driver aged from 18.

Our insurance company can arrange insurance cover for additional drivers.

The vehicle has third party insurance which covers as below.

– Bodily Injury/ Death (Unlimited per person)
– Property Damage (Unlimited per occurrence (Deductible: 100,000 YEN))
– Rented Vehicle (Up to market value per occurrence (Deductible: 100,000YEN))
– Road Services

What is the minimum driver’s age?

All drivers must be 18 years or older and hold a valid, full driver’s license. Provisional, Restricted or learners licenses unfortunately cannot be accepted.

Can anyone other than myself drive?

Additional drivers can be added to the reservation at time of pick up.  All drivers’ details must appear in the Rental Agreement. Additional drivers are free of charge.

Can I return the van earlier than the set date?

Yes you can, but we cannot refund if you return your camper van earlier than originally booked.

Is it possible to rent the van one-way?

Yes, but one-way rentals are permitted but there is an additional charge for transporting a campervan back to our office. The one way fee is calculated individually. Extra charge involves petrol cost, highway cost and our staff travel cost. Please contact our office for details.

Are there limitations on how far I can drive?

No, you are welcome to drive as much as you like.

Driving in Japan

What are the driving rules in Japan?

Please check out here or The JAF does a great job answering this here

How many people can we fit in a camper van?

It depends on the van.

Mochi: Seats 3 and Sleeps 3 (2 adults and 1 child)

Are camper vans equipped with toilets?

No, our vans do not have toilets. But in Japan, there are plenty of toilets everywhere. Most of them are free of charge. You can find and use them at any convenience store (24hrs open), train stations, road stations (Michi-no-Eki), parking areas, etc… 

Is road side assistance included?

Yes. All our vans include roadside assistance. Should you have any trouble contact our team and if you cannot reach us call the insurance company and they will be right with you: 0120-365-110

How is parking violations in Japan?

Please check out this article

Where can we stay apart from official campsites?

There are over 1100 Road Stations where you can park and sleep for free. The official “Michi no eki” site gives you a search engine and plenty of information. Sleeping in your car is allowed everywhere where it’s legally parked.

How do we pay for the tolls on highways?

You can pay for the tolls on highways with ETC system or Credit Card and simply with cash. Please check this page about ETC.

Do you provide winter tires?

During the winter time, if you are planning to go into snow areas you are required by our Insurance company to use Winter tires. We provide them for additional 5% of the rental fee.
Please ask for details during your booking. Please also read this article about driving tips in winter.

Can we travel with our pet?

Yes, we love our furry friends! Just make sure that he/she does not pee or poo inside the van. And don’t forget to bring poo bags when walking outside.

What should I do if I get in an accident?

Please follow the procedure below if you get involved in an accident:

  1. Move the vehicle to a safe location to prevent further accidents.
  2. Assist all injured parties.
  3. Report the accident to the police. (Number:110)
  4. Get the details of the other party.
  5. Contact us. (090-3577-4409)

Do not negotiate a private settlement on the spot. Private settlements will invalidate the insurance, which will require the user to pay the entire cost.

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