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Coco, Wasabi & Takeshi 

 We are a Japanese couple and a Chihuahua from Tokyo. 

 I’ve always loved traveling. I had indeed been flying and exploring on foot, sometimes backpacking, for over 50 countries. But it wasn’t until Summer 2017 that I decided to quit my job and fly to Alaska to purchase a mini van, that I discovered a new way of traveling that made me experience the world in a whole new level.

 We traveled from Alaska to Ushuaia, then from Portugal to Japan by  a custom-built camper van for 2 years. Throughout this trip, we got to see and experience many parts of the world in a way  – meeting the locals, staying in a jungle and sleeping under the stars, waking up right in front of the ocean and taking a dip first thing in the morning, savoring in local cuisines at the friends we encountered on the spot, and sometimes even staying in a desert for a couple of days, just soaking in all the wilderness. Some of the most gorgeous sceneries we saw weren’t necessarily what you can find on Travel Guides – they were the places we randomly stumbled upon. 

 After this two years of experience of living and traveling in a van, we realized that there is no better way to travel in Japan than by a camper van because Japan is a small country so you wouldn’t need, say, two years to drive across it (although once you start you might want to stay here forever), with great infrastructures even in the most remote places, and despite its size, you will be surprised how distinctive and unique the culture is in each prefecture. There is so much to see, do, eat and enjoy here!

 So it became my dream and passion to start wasabi campers so that we can help assist this amazing way of traveling come true for more people. It would be our pleasure to make your stay here the best vacation yet, and have the time of your life here. 

 Feel free to ask us any questions, regarding our camper vans, traveling in Japan, or even our experience of traveling the world. By the way, our “mascot” Wasabi joined our around the globe trip, and enjoyed traveling more than 25 countries, too! 

About wasabi campers

 We are licensed camper van rental company in Narita, Japan. Our goal is to provide a functional, reliable and aesthetically beautiful experience for you to explore Japan, complete with our experience and recommendations. We design and build camper vans by ourselves. This way, we can control quality and function right from the outset.

 Takeshi, with an education in mechanical engineering. He worked for a mechanic company in Belgium and a trading and investment company in Japan and Brazil. He speaks Japanese, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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