Here are three reasons why camper van is the best way to travel in Japan:

1. Japan is a small islands country and countryside is beautiful

 Japan mainly consists of four islands which are about 2,000 km long from north to south, with great infrastructures even in the most remote places. Despite its size, you will be surprised how unique and rich the culture is in each prefecture (There are 47 prefectures!). In fact, “Washoku” traditional Japanese cuisine has been added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list. There is so much to see, do, eat and enjoy here!

Once you get to the countryside of Japan, the roads get very quiet and extra scenic. You will be surprised to discover that there is so much wilderness prevalent in Japan, too. Driving on your own gives you a first-hand experience of being deeply in touch with cultures (even those that you wouldn’t find on guide books!), as well as soaking up the beauty of wilderness. Therefore, we can confidently say that Japan is indeed an ideal country to drive and explore by a camper van.

2. Hot springs and Road Side Stations “Michi-no-eki” everywhere

 Japan has over 30,000 hot springs across the nation, which often times cost just a few dollars to use. I think these are one of the best parts of Japan especially after long drive, trekking or snowboarding. Japan also has a lot of roadside stations called “Michi-no-eki”, which can be used by trucks, camper vans and RVs as free sleep spots. There are clean toilets, baths, and even restaurants and are usually in very convenient locations so there’s no need for worry about where to stay.

3.Affordable Compared to Hotels and Bullet Trains

 In Japan, hotel rooms and transportation fee can be quite expensive. The famous bullet train is a great way for going to Kyoto and other big cities, but many of the best spots in Japan are much more easily accessed by camper van. With a camper van, it is not necessary to drag heavy suitcases around and checking into one hotel after another. Instead of wasting on organizing transportations and accommodations, you can maximize your time here by exploring the country and experiencing nature outside.

So now you understand why Japan is a great country for traveling by camper van. Now, allow us to introduce ourselves, so that you’ll be convinced that wasabi campers is the right company for you! 🙂


Why wasabi campers

1. Custom-Build camper vans with Japanese tastes

 Every van is built with lots of idea, love and attention. We designed them with modern Japanese tastes so that you can fully absorb our culture. They are improved and optimized from our experience and customers feedback. We take pride in what we build to ensure the best customer experience possible.


2. Clear and Competitive Pricing

 We keep our pricing clear and competitive including all the insurance, services and camping equipment so customers do not need to worry. Our vans can be booked instantly here. Our rates are competetive with other motorhome, RV, or camper van rental companies, and even hostels and hotels.


3. Hospitality

 We would love for all the customers to have the best experience in Japan. We are happy to suggest a route with the customers’ preference and time schedule. We do our best always to communicate with our customers and learn how their experiences were, so that we can keep improving our service.