In Japan, there are three types of fuels: Regular, High Octane and Diesel. Therefore, when you get to the pump in a gas station, there will be three separate nozzles to choose from. The red pump is for regular gas, the yellow is for high octane, and the green is for diesel.

 When you enter a gas station, you will have to inform the attendant the type and the amount of fuel you want and the desired payment method (card or cash). 

 It is helpful to know that there are two types of gas stations in Japan. The first one is a full-service station. This type of gas stations are operated by attendants who will fill up your tank. In addition, they will offer to clean the windshield free of charge. The other is a self-service gas station. This is where you must pump the gas by yourself but is usually cheaper than full-service gas station.

 Gas stations are everywhere in Japan so it is not difficult to find them, but if you use “Google map” and search gas station, you can easily find one nearby. There is also an app to find the cheapest gas station nearby.

 One more thing to add, I recommend you to throw away garbage in gas stations when you refuel as they will happily take them. It is the easiest way for van lifers to dispose garbage.

 Now you know how to refuel in Japan and it is easy once you know it. Please make sure the color of the fueling nozzle that matches with the correct fuel type used in your car. Sit back, relax and enjoy refueling!

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