Once you decide to go on a camper van trip in Japan, you may wonder “What do I need to bring?”. Actually it is not necessary to bring many things as you can find and buy pretty much everything, anywhere in Japan. However, some goods can be pricy so here are some important things you should pack before you fly to Japan.

1. International Driving Permit

 To drive a car in Japan, it is mandatory to have an International Driver’s License issued based on the Geneva convention 1949. If you have a Driver’s License from Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Estonia, Monaco, it is necessary to have an official Japanese Translation Document. For more information, please read this page.

2. Cash  

 Even today, cash is the most common means of payment. It is highly recommended that you keep cash (Japanese Yen) on hand as many places don’t accept credit cards especially in the countryside of Japan.


3. Clothes for all conditions 

 The weather can be fickle in Japan, so it is better to have clothes for all conditions. It can be hot and humid one day, followed by a cold and rainy day. Layering is an excellent way to accommodate this, especially if you are trying to pack light.

4. Towels and swim suits

 Taking a hot spring is a must do while traveling in Japan, and many of the hot spring venues actually sell face towels. While it might be a nice souvenir to collect towels with Japanese designs, those of you who’d rather not spend some extra yen should bring a couple with you. You may need swim suits for some hot springs and hot swimming pools, so we highly recommend to come prepped with them even in winter time so as not to miss out on the opportunities to refresh and relax!

5. Eye masks and ear plugs

 Even our camper van have curtains and shades to prevent from light, noise and coldness, sleeping inside of a camper van can be noisy and dazzling at times. Therefore, it is recommended that you bring your eye mask and ear plugs so that you can take a good rest and fully rejuvenated in the morning to drive and explore Japan as much as possible.